Idiot Incoming?

Because you’re reading this, I assume you’re an actual person. And because you are an actual person, I assume you’ve got actual friends. Unless of course you’re Donald Trump, in which case you bribe people to say they’re your friends. Friends exist to make life whimsical. 

Have you ever been to a police station? I’ve visited there. Twice. The first time it was nothing more than to report loss of a driving licence. We went there driving my friend’s car to report the loss of the very document that allowed him to drive. I love the irony in that!

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Best car I’ve driven? Oh God, not again!

I attended — was made to, more accurately — my fair share of social gatherings last year. Ones where your enthusiastic family elders make it socially discomforting for you by telling other equally enthusiastic elders about what you do. It’s a strange fetish.

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‘Feel’ is most important

I host a motoring show on an India-headquartered global English news channel that you might have heard of — it’s called WION. If you haven’t, do look for it on your television; you may actually like it. It’s not the typical shouty news-telling deal — the voice pitches are fairly calm, the views are balanced. 

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Lighten up, guys!

I’ve been doing this a fairly long time now — this business of writing about cars (and a fair bit about bikes). Over the years, the different brands I’ve worked for helped me develop different writing styles. It ranged from casual flow of words where I’d make the readers feel like they know the team well, to the really serious writing on matters relating to business affairs and very straight-forward product reviews. I’ve had a parallel work life, too — one where I’ve been an industry analyst and prepared research papers. That’s as fascinating as it is mundane. Mostly mundane.

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1939 Bentley Corniche

Beauty of Constant Progress

Even though I moved on from AutoX after about 5 years of captaining the team with the publication’s owner and editor, Dhruv, I’ve always been extremely close to the brand and its founding team. I still help them out on several special projects and the annual testing for the awards. It’s a title that will always be special to me — its people even more so.

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