I Need Space. Ok, Maybe Not.

Why exactly? Are you a married guy or one in a bit of a spot in your relationship that you need more ‘space’? 

Space is a strange thing. If it’s too less you feel claustrophobic; if it’s too much you feel lost. And while there can’t be such a thing as the perfect space, it’s easy to say whether any space is uncomfortably tight or unnecessarily vast. 

Put Hulk Hogan in a New York studio apartment and you’ll end up featuring on his hit-list. Kevin Hart, contrastingly, will appreciate your kindness for the same. But put either of them in a 10,000 sq-ft condo and they’ll go “Holy shit!” 

It’s the same for cars.

I think Skoda Octavia vRS is the most ideal car on the left of 50 lakh slider. It is solidly built, safe, spacious, practical and invigorating. But if you were to consider a car purely on one parameter — space — then I’d suggest the Superb. And I struggle to think how anyone reasonably sized would need any more space in a car? 

There are enormously sized cars selling in the market across broadly two segments — sedans and crossovers. Funny thing is, they carry no more people than the substantially smaller options. So, it’s primarily all about outright space — specifically in the rear. 

These unreasonably long cars — in most cases — establish standards in luxury. They are the consummate display of wealth and status. They are bought by the affluent type — the ultra rich. And mafia kings. Such people are envied; their lives are always in danger. Or at least that’s what it’s like in my imagination. They need an athletic car to escape dangers.

You see, big cars are not as slick and agile as smaller cars. They lug around a lot of weight and material. Excessive amounts of steel, plastic, leather, earth’s circumference in wires, needlessly long list of features, a small refrigerator and Champagne. 

These limousines aren’t as nimble and can’t change direction like smaller, lighter cars. So, in that rare and exciting chase by weapons bearing scumbags, you’d do well to be in a smaller car than the large-barge of fluff and leather that you flaunt. 

I’ve been studying some trends and overlaps and it’s evident that people of such authority and wealth don’t go road-tripping. They either fly first / business class or have jets for world-travel. The cars are used at best for the daily office commute. 

And that’s where my argument fits — all the features could easily filter down the segments. In fact, it’s been happening for years now. And engines have been getting increasingly efficient and powerful. Package all that in a smaller, more responsive car with reasonable space — space that’s sufficient, not unnecessary.

Imagine something with an entertaining engine, all the gubbins, robust build, steady handling, and more-than-enough space to get comfortable — wouldn’t that be ideal?  Oh, they already build something like that. It’s called E63 AMG. And it’s fantastic!

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