1939 Bentley Corniche

Beauty of Constant Progress

Even though I moved on from AutoX after about 5 years of captaining the team with the publication’s owner and editor, Dhruv, I’ve always been extremely close to the brand and its founding team. I still help them out on several special projects and the annual testing for the awards. It’s a title that will always be special to me — its people even more so.

I continued writing for AutoX for a few years — through when I was steering NDTV and Indian Express in their efforts to establish their respective motoring entities in the digital space. 

Dhruv and I discussed and started editorial columns — to be populated with words by by different contributors and integral team members. So in the dedicated page I got, I scribbled my thoughts.

In this one, I wrote about the progress that the automotive industry has made. Even though I love the charm and allure of classics, there’s no escaping the fact that with as many choices as we have, it’s literally a playground for buyers. 

But you can’t get away if the product isn’t appealing and high on quality. Look at some of the more recent examples — Nissan Kicks, for one. It’s a smartly designed crossover, rides absolutely magnificently and drives pretty okay too. But there’s nothing that makes it stand out head-and-shoulders above the rivals. There’s nothing special in it — and with fierce competition all around, you cant be complacent. 

There are many more examples that we could rant on about, but we’ll take them one at a time. For now, I’d love for you to swing over to this column I wrote for AutoX. I’ll keep sharing more such things from the archives — will help me populate this blog quite rapidly, too 😀 

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