Opened Up?

To those reading — which is my 13 family members — do you see ‘normalcy’ returning where you live?

In the NCR, things are starting to open up. From my apartment on the eleventh floor, I can see the shops starting to buzz again after this pause of three-or-whatever months. 

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I own a smartphone. I have a couple of news-feed apps that throw regular notifications. I am absolutely miserably fed up by the daily message that says, ‘India records its biggest one-day rise in coronavirus cases’. 

Of course it did, you idiots — India has been ‘peaking’ every day, for several days. This is how things are going to be for some more time to come. We’ve been testing more than ever and cases ought to rise proportionately. So stop with that freaking headline already! 

Abnormal, Please Be The New Normal

COVID-19 has given us a wretched reality. It’s pathetic — there’s no doubt about it. 

After some relaxations were announced, the first things that circulated heavily on all kind of social media were videos of queues for booze. There was one of near where we live — the queue went on for almost 800 metres with people squeezing into each other. 

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