‘After pondering far too long, I’ve decided to write independently here.’

I wanted to be a literature expert but went on to study engineering — very poorly — and ended up becoming a motoring journalist. 

Like every dreamy-eyed kid obsessed with cars, I also wanted to become a race car driver — which I did for a handful of years. It was all a covert operation and no one really knew that I was skipping coaching classes to race Go Karts and going to-and-fro college to race single seaters. 

Thankfully, before I would blow the family savings through the exhaust note of my quest for racing, I realised that this wouldn’t be a sustainable journey; so I got a job. 

Stints with greatly established and respected media titles at editorial leadership positions — it was all going nicely till I decided to go solo. Freelancing isn’t a pretty thing, but it does have some positives and I am sticking to it till I fully combust the savings. 

I can scribble words rather well. Till now, I’ve written for others, but finally, after pondering far too long, I’ve decided to write independently here. So, I’m the editor who’s more of an unpaid intern who runs and gets coffee for everyone. Only, there isn’t any ‘everyone’ — it’s just me.  

An analogue misfit in the digital world, I’m thick as two planks on matters of Social Media, but I do get in conversations on Twitter every now-and-then. 

I talk lean and simple. I’m grey and smack in the middle of mid-life-crisis. Don’t think I’ll be able to afford a Porsche or a Ferrari though. Or that Zonda I love. Or that Lancia.

I enjoy going sideways — even if it is borderline frightening. That’s true as much for my views about the industry and products I review as it is about driving.

There might — nay, will — be things here that you may not like, or may do (which will be strange), but whatever your views, do share them? I’m a sucker for opinions. Write in, tweet out — whatever, but do share. I look forward to talking to you digital people!